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The Way It Use To Be

Save on accommodation and spend that savings on experiences on Bequia, other Grenadine islands and mainland St. Vincent.

Less-Is-More-Bequia provides an Off The Grid experience and a budget conscious alternative offering hammocks, tents, hostels, and a cabin in an eco-friendly environment with a botanical garden setting that offers private, gated, secure and tranquil experience for as low as $10 per night.

bequiatour4This is an ideal stopover for Backpackers, Yachties and Vacationers wanting great value in a world-class location.

This eco retreat is truly the old Caribbean, the way it use to be. It is for those who are looking for something truly authentic. It is for those looking to get away from the usual vacation getaways.

We offer you a new and unique approach to the Caribbean vacation. We call it “Glamping”, a fusion between glamour and camping. It provides you with the comforts of a hotel room with the closeness to nature you feel only when camping.

Enjoy stunning panoramic views of the ocean with all sorts of worlds finest yachts in motion at a close view – and at a distant – the gorgeous views open toward the ocean, horizon and outlying islands.

A 3 to 5 minute walk puts you on the beautiful white sand beach that also has a restaurant and bar. There are also two food marts within an additional 5 minute walk from the beach that can provide you whatever you need. If they don’t have an item you can get it in the harbor which is about a 30 minutes walk away that offers a range of small boutiques, gift shops, grocery stores, vegetable market and delicatessen. To get there you can take the $1 bus or a taxi.

Bequia Less-Is-More-Bequia is a great alternative and refreshing way to recharge your batteries without breaking the bank. We take you back to the old Caribbean, where you’ll truly enjoy stepping back in time, allowing you to truly slow down and escape.

At Less-Is-More-Bequia, you get less of you don’t need and more of what you really need on your Bequia vacation.  Staying with us is not just a vacation, it’s a vacation within a vacation.  It’s a nature therapy for the mind, body & soul.

It’s unspoiled, natural, laid back, quite, private, secure, tranquil and entraps you in nature in a special and magical location that offers the perfect balance between comfort, the old Caribbean, modern day convenient and real experience with nature.

This therapeutic botanical garden vacation spot brings nature at your feet without giving up comfort. You’ll experience the varying ambient sounds of nature during the day and also in the evening that’s you’ll truly enjoy. In addition, the sound of breaking waves crashing on the shores will lull you into a blissful sleep at night and relaxes you during the day.

The property location is blessed with stunning panoramic views and offers cool island breeze that includes an ever changing view of ocean and stunning unobstructed views of the anchorage.


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